Bollywood Most Viewed Teaser in 24 Hours

If we talk about teasers in movies, than it has an important role, by looking at the teaser, we can get a lot of idea that how the movie is going to be. For many years, either it is Hollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood, the makers always show teaser or trailer before they release full movie. Many teaser and trailer are released in Bollywood in India and some of them create new record as well. So here is the list of most viewed teaser with 24 hours.

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Salaar Teaser

Salaar teaser has been viewed 83 millions times within 24 hours, which broke the record of Adipurush. If the teaser of any actor has been seen the most number of times in Bollywood, it is of Parbhas. By looking the teaser of Salaar, it can be guessed that action like KGF will be seen in the movie.

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Adipurush Teaser

Adipurush teaser has been viewed 68 Million times within 24 hours and with this huge views it become second most viewed teaser in Bollywood within 24 hours. After watching the teaser of Adipurush fans were in anger as they found the movie VFX worse than Cartoons. As seeing the teaser everyone gets an idea of how the movie is going to be, that’s why fans disliked this movie by watching only teaser

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KGF Chapter 2 Teaser

KGF chapter 2 teaser has been viewed 68.8 Million times within 24 hours and with that it become third most viewed teaser within 24 hours.

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