Hollywood Highest Earning Movies

Movies are made in the most of the countries of the World but nowhere like Hollywood, but movies like Hollywood are rarely released anywhere and Hollywood movies always surprise everyone by its VFX, Stories and Directory. After watching movies like Avataar everyone was surprised that how can someone make this type of movies. This movie take you to different World with it’s cinematography. These are some of the highest grossing movies .


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Avatar Movie

Avatar was release on 18 December 2009 under the direction of James Cameron. Avatar movie was an action sci -fi movie. After the release of Avatar movie everyone surprised that such movie could be made. The Avatar movie was made by James Cameron and it is said that he used the different camera to make this movie. The Box office collection of Avatar movie was 2.9 Billion Dollars which become the highest grossing movie in the Hollywood and also in the whole World.

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Avengers: Endgame Movie

This movie was released on 26 April 2020 under the direction of Anthony Russo and Joe Russo. This movie was action, Sci-fi and Drama base. The Box office collection of Avenger: Endgame was 239 crore USD and with this huge collection it became 2 most earning movie in Hollywood. There are many characters in this movie but, but the character of Thanos became the most famous in the whole World. For Marvel fan, it’s not just a movie it’s an emotion


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