Bollywood Highest Grossing Movie

After Hollywood, Bollywood is the only platform on which most movies are released and some of the movies are also nominated for Oscar. Recently the song of RRR movie from Bollywood movie won Oscar award. In Bollywood movies, movie were mostly made on the basis of love story but after the pandemic, the audience start getting bored. Because of this Bollywood started making movies of all type like action, Sci-fi , drama and Thriller. After pandemic foe sometime Bollywood was divided into two parts, one North and one South. But since few months it is being seen that North and South have become one. Here are the list of most grossing movie in Bollywood.

Pathaan Movie

Pathaan was released on 25 January 2023 under the direction of Siddharth Anand. Pathaan is an action drama movie. Pathaan become highest grossing movie in Bollywood and has become the highest grossing movie of Shah Rukh Khan Career. Pathaan has earned 654 crore in Hindi language and 1050 crore at Worldwide box office.

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Dangal movie

Dangal movie was released on 23 December 2016 under the direction of Nitesh Tiwari. Dangal is a movie made on a real story which was shown the story of Haryana sports. Dangal has earned 438 crore in Hindi and 2000 crore at Worldwide Box office.

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