Avenger Endgame Box Office Collection

Avenger Endgame was released in 26 April 2019 under the direction of Anthony Russo, Joe Russo. The Budget of this movie was 25 Crore USD and and it earned 279 crore USD on Box Office at that time and became the second highest grossing movie in the World. This movie doesn’t run with one character, there are many character in it, they all have their own big identity like Iron Man. If we look at the character of Iron Man in this movie, it is known that he is playing an important role, but we also see the whole movie doesn’t run on his base. In this movie some of the character shown most powerful like Thanos. Thanos was playing negative character yet his character was well liked all over the world. Which Avenger is most powerful in the positive role is yet to be proven, but Iron Man was shown to be most powerful in the Endgame movie. This movie runs with an interesting plot in which thanos want to end the whole world by pinching but Avengers do not allow him to pinch, and because of this the war begin. In the end Avengers win and Thanos is defeated.

Box office collection of Endgame

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Avenger Box Office Collection In India

370 crore Rupees lifetime

Worldwide   2.7 Billion Dollars

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