Bollywood Flop Actor

The number of flops in far more than  hits in Bollywood. Bollywood had a habit of copying others movie from the begging. most of the flop movie have been made in Bollywood because of copying others story. Bollywood always started making what is trending everywhere, not paying attention to creative stories from the begging of film making and used to make flop movies. If the Bollywood movies got flops, than not only movie but the actor also got flop because the story have been told to actors before signing them. there is one actor in Bollywood who has given maximum numbers of flop movie in the entire Bollywood. Everyone know his name very well none other than Mithun Chakarborty. Mithun Chakarborty have given maximum number of flops movies in his career, if we see the numbers of his flops than, he made over 180 flops movie in Bollywood. Along with this he one of the biggest flop actor in Bollywood

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