Hollywood Best Comedy Movies

In Hollywood Comedy genre is very much liked and famous. Hollywood has also given many Comedy movies which made people laugh and go crazy. Comedy movies useful in reducing stress and depression and the day to day work pressure. Here is the list of Hollywood craziest Comedy movies.

Step Brothers

This movie was released on 25 July 2008 under the direction of Adam McKay. It was a comedy genre movie which grossed 130 Million at Box Office. The plot of this movie revolves around Brennan and Dale, In which both them live with their parents even after being middle age.

Hollywood Best comedy Movies

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American Pie

This movie was released on 9 July 1999 under the direction of Paul Weitz. This is a comedy and drama movie which grossed 235 Million at Box office. Many parts of this movie was release and got hit at Box office.

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This movie was released on 12 February 2016 under the direction of Tim Miller. This is an action and comedy movie which grossed 769 Million at the Box office


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