Hollywood Highest Paid Actor 2023

Tom Cruise becomes Hollywood’s highest grossing actor in 2023. Tom Cruise is an American actor and filmmaker who was born on 3 July, 1962. He is an high school dropout and made his career debut the movie Endless love. Tom Cruise’s highest grossing movie was Top Gun: Maverick which was released in 2022 and grossed 1.5 Billion at Box office. Tom cruise’s Mission Impossible series has been liked the most by audience. One of the major reason why Tom cruise has so many fan following is his ability to perform stunts himself.

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Here is the list of Tom Cruise Most Profitable movies.

Top Gum: Maverick

this movie was released on 2002 and this movie  earned 1.5 billion Dollars

The Last samurai

This movie was released on 2003 and earned 454 Million

The Mummy

This movie was released on 2017 and earned 409 Million.

Mission Impossible 3

This movie was released on 2006 and earned 398 Million

Mission Impossible

This movie was released on 1996 and earned 457 Million.

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