Titanic Movie

This movie was released on 19 December 1997 under the direction of James Cameron. This movie is not just a movie it is an emotion, emotion of those people who had lost their in real. This movie depicts the real story in which it is seen how unsinkable ship sink into water due to mistakes of some people and in this movie it is shown that how everyone tries to save their lives , but they do not know how to survive, they do not even have safety. This movie was made in English language, the budget of this movie was 200 Million and the movie earned 2.257 Billion at the Box office and became all time Blockbuster. This movie show tragedy as well as a symbol of love that how jack sacrifice his life for rose. This movie is currently on 3rd place in the list of highest grossing movie in the World.


Titanic Part 2 Release Date

This movie was released on 9 August 2010 under the direction of Shane Van Dyke. This movie was made in English language with the running time of 114 minutes

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