Big Boss OTT Season 2 Winner

Ever since the arrival of Elvish Yadav in Big Boss 2023 this season craze and TRP has increased and now fans are eagerly waiting for the finale to come next week. The fans who are watching Big Boss have come to know that Abhishek has gone to finale when he won the task of ticket to finale. The ticket to finale task held between Pooja Bhatt and Abhishek  and all the others contestant were in supporting, In the last Abhishek ha, more fruits in his basket so he wins the game and became the finalist.

Big Boss OTT Season 2


Big Boss Finale Contestant

As everyone knows that first finalist is Abhishek and today we even got our second and third finalist. Ticket top finale task was held again and Pooja Bhat and Bebika won that task and became second and third finalist Big Boss OTT Season 2. The fans of Big Boss and public felt that Elvish Yadav would win the show  but it did not happened.



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