Best Motivational Speakers In India 2023

In today’s days, more than half of the people all over in India are either Victim of depression or overthinking. For all those who are struggling in their life or Suffering through overthinking , for those motivation is like hope or it is like a light in the dark. If seen in today days than, everyone needs some kind of motivation who want to achieve something big. But everyone knows, whenever the demands of things increase, than supply will automatically increased. From a few years ago everyone got addicted to watching Motivational videos everyday and they start taking motivation from many Motivational speakers and some of them are fake Motivational speakers, behind giving motivation there are some big unknown reason or there is some marketing strategy . There are some Motivational speakers in India whose Motivational speeches should be heard by everyone at least once. Here are the list of Best motivational Speakers In India .


Sandeep Mashwari

Sandeep Maheswari is an Indian Motivational speaker and Entrepreneur . He is such a Motivational speakers whose name is recorded in the Genes World of Record and one of his videos has got as many as views an not any other Motivational speakers got in the whole World. Sandeep Comes from middle class family who had to amke something bog in his career as every middle class boy dream and after 12th studies he tries to do some different business, while doing all these he became a established Photographer . He earned well enough money from his Photography career and than he became a Motivational speakers and there is big reason behind becoming a Motivational speaker is, the struggles which he faced in his journey he don’t want other to face. Today he has more than 29 Million subscriber on his You tube Channels and he is not only India’s but also the World’d Number 1 Motivational speakers.

Best Motivational Speakers In India

Dr. Vivek Bindra

Vivek Bindra was born on 5 April 1982 in Delhi. He is an Indian Motivational speakers who has 21 Million subscriber on You Tube and he is also an business man, he is also a founder of Bada where he teaches people how to become make profitable businesses.




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